Friday, January 16, 2009

It may be that you have happened here because you would like to know more about my Health and Wellness Business & Shaklee or just a bit more about me! This is really good because, you are doing you due diligence and getting to know me and my philosophy before buying tools, systems or joining me in this venture. You might have discovered that there are just so many companies out there. I have found it is best to get to know the person behind those sites and tools first before you make any decisions.So even though this is still a WEBSITE, I am going to try to tell you a lot about me. The reason I do this, is because I am a follower who has become a successful team leader. You can only become a good team leader after you've has been a good follower.


KareAnderson said...

Gayle Fox wrote:
I strongly believe that if you are open to Karma and intention, you will find
your way. On this Sunday, our day of rest, I found myself searching for
*something*...some kind of new hope. This is it! Thank you!


charlotte fairchild said...

Do you know about ?

You might enjoy the science. is one of my sites.

I recently wrote Murder On The Silver Comet Trail, and I have a few free books online.

Bella-Fleur said...

Well hello and nice to meet you!
thanks for the really nice comment you left on my blog ! Wow it is a small world, it is nice to meet other people with similar interests and lifestyles. I love your approach to living a green healthy lifestyle. I recycle and try to eat as organically as I can,your blog is very inspiring! I will be checking back often.I love new buffalo... stray dog,brewsters, caseys who knows maybe we will bump into each other!
happy blogging!

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Mark Anthony said...

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