Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anyone that knows anything about me knows (or would soon learn ) that I would rather be at the beach or on the water than anything else on earth. Enjoying an outing with my family and loved ones is just about the happiest I can be. My love of boating and sailing give me the Peace of Mind that soothes my weary soul! And that is exactly why I love doing what it is that I do. I can choose to take my laptop outdoors and work from the beach! The ability to meet wonderful folks that desire to create their own residual income business is probably the best part of doing what I do.

My 4 children are now adults and living happily (I think) on their own. They have great values and are wonderful contributors to life. What more can I ask for as a parent?
So here I am in mid-life and beginning a new journey. I've been involved with my primary business for over 27 years. Not only have I raised my children in a Shaklee household, I've watched this business grow into what is now a world-wide company.

In beginning to build my online business I have often wondered if other folks like me are looking for a team to partner with to create residual income for their future.

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