Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Health + Green = Success in Business

I've had a passion for health for as long as I can remember. Maybe a bit of leftover 70's days, but being *green* such as to say being environmentally friendly is just the way I live. I am a nutcase about recycling, and sometimes I think I spend more energy just recycling after everyone else than is necessary. But it really is!
I love to cook and with two of my son's living a vegan lifestyle, I've become pretty good at putting together some very creative meals, which is another passion! I am a cookbook addict! And I love coffee, but really (I'm a coffee snob) only good coffee! There is just something very soothing about a cup of good coffee. It brings in visions of a good book, a warm fireplace and relaxation.
And then there is my dream business, here online. This is exactly what I was meant to do. Working with people and creating dreams of financial security along with surrounding myself with those wishing to live a healthy lifestyle. I cannot tell you the amount of friends that I have made in connection to this healthy business.
This is definately a compliment to my life and lifestyle. I often have used the short phrase P.O.M. which for me stands for Peace of Mind. I can tell you that as the mother of 4 children and as a single parent for 7 years, that was my daily mantra.

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